Welcome to Polaris Central, WA’s premier Polaris Dealership

Who we are:

Polaris Central located in Midvale WA is the largest and only dedicated Polaris dealership in Australia.

What we do:

Polaris Central specialise in providing sales of new & used Polaris vehicles, accessories, servicing, repairs and after sales support for the entire range of Polaris off-road vehicles.

Why buy from us:

Polaris Central is the largest and only specialty Polaris dealership in Australia and is solely focused on providing the highest level of service for Polaris products.

We employ skilled staff to assist with your new equipment purchase or parts inquiries and also have modern fully equipped workshop facilities to cater for your servicing and repair requirements.

Polaris Central has the largest selection of new Polaris vehicles in stock and also has a wide range of parts, accessories and service items available off the shelf.